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Maximize Sales with 3 Proven Audiences

Based on our extensive experience in the Facebook ad industry, we've selected 3 audiences to target in order to maximize sales generated from your ad campaigns. Easily launch a single ad to all 3 audiences in just a few clicks.

Works in Tandem with Your Existing Email Provider

SpruceMail links to your email provider (such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp) and creates “ready to run” Facebook ads from your email promotions. Launch new ads in just 2 clicks.

Watch Your Business Grow

SpruceMail Customer Results

For many of our customers, Facebook advertising through SpruceMail is driving the majority of their sales. Here are a few of SpruceMail's success stories.

  • I Love Jewelry Auctions - www.ilovejewelryauctions.com
    I Love Jewelry Auctions - www.ilovejewelryauctions.com

    "Before SpruceMail we spent an enormous amount of time and tens of thousands of dollars testing different Facebook ad strategies and the impact was hard to measure. With SpruceMail we immediate saw an increase of sales from our existing customers. I'm getting a 3-5x return on my advertising dollars and spending less than 10 minutes a week managing it."

    Jordann Weingartner, CEO & Founder, I Love Jewelry AuctionsJordann WeingartnerCEO & Founder
    I Love Jewelry Auctions


    Average Return on Ad Spend

    For every $1 spent on Facebook ads through SpruceMail, I Love Jewelry is generates an average of $3.56 in sales.

  • Taylor Stitch - www.taylorstitch.com
    Taylor Stitch - www.taylorstitch.com

    "I am psyched about the results of SpruceMail. It's definitely a great tool to get in front of your current customers and keep them reminded to come back to your site. That's all. High five!"

    Michael Maher, Co-founder, Taylor StitchMichael MaherCo-founder
    Taylor Stitch


    Average Return on Ad Spend

    For every $1 spent on Facebook advertising through SpruceMail, Taylor Stitch sees $10.30 in sales.

  • Vintners' Alliance - www.vintnersalliance.com
    Vintners' Alliance - www.vintnersalliance.com

    "It's clear that Spruce’s 6+ years of Facebook advertising has allowed them to stay ahead of the curve. I'm excited about working with SpruceMail because I’m not missing out on a Facebook strategy that could unlock sales growth for my business. The software is simple to use and the return on ad spend is phenomenal."

    Ahin ThomasPresident
    Vintners' Alliance


    Average Return on Ad Spend

    For every $1 spent on Facebook advertising through SpruceMail, Vintners’ Alliance sees $8.30 in sales.

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We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We're so confident in SpruceMail's ability to generate a profit that we're offering up to $100 in free Facebook Advertising money and a 14 day free trial to prove it.

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